2% Sellers Program™ Selling your home can be easy. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

    1% Discount + 1% Rebate = 2% SAVINGS!

    Houston Home Sellers Program 2% Sellers Program™ - Houston Home Listing Service

    The ultimate goal of the home seller is to obtain the highest and best offer for their home. Simply put, they want to receive the most profit from the sale of their home!

    The 2% Sellers Program™ is designed to help sellers accomplish this goal. Participants of the 2% Sellers Program™ are receiving a 1% Listing Fee Discount combined with a 1% Buying Incentive towards the purchase of their next home.

    How does this look?

    Lucy sells her current home for $150,000 and buys her next home for $225,000 using the 2% Sellers Program™. Listing Fee of 6% will be discounted by 1% for a cash savings of $1,500. will then give Lucy a 1% Cash rebate or closing cost contribution of $2,250 towards the purchase of her $225,000 home purchase.

    Total Cash Incentive = $3,750

    You worked hard to build equity in your home and you should be rewarded!

    Contact us today for a free consultation on selling your home and taking advantage of the 2% Sellers Program™.



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